How to gift for Valentine's Day (properly)

Getting someone lingerie for Valentine’s Day is a go-to option for many, and there’s a clear reason for that: it’s beautiful, intimate, and luxurious.

If you want to ensure your Valentine’s gift is a success, the below guide will take you through the rules of lingerie gifting. Trust us, when dealing with something as intimate as underwear, it’s always good to get an expert opinion.




Our lingerie collections offer an array of styles and designs to choose from, and it can certainly be overwhelming if you’re just beginning your browse. To start off, we recommend considering who you’re buying the lingerie gift for and trying to narrow down what you know about their personal style.

For example, if they enjoy minimal and sporty underwear, then perhaps a strappy bodysuit is not the ideal option. The easiest way to ensure that your gift suits their preferences is to match your purchase with styles you know they love. Whether that’s sexy lingerie, an everyday bralette or something fashion-forward, you’re guaranteed to find something they’ll love in our extensive collection.




Perhaps the trickiest one to figure out, especially if you’ve got little experience in the lingerie world, the right size is key to choosing the perfect gift. Luckily, we’ve prepared a comprehensive Lingerie Size Guide to help you understand how it works. Most of our styles are available in an extended sizing range, ensuring that everyone will be able to secure a piece that feels made to measure.


Your best bet will be to have a discreet peek at what they already own – maybe take a quick look at their top drawer to find the correct size. If that’s not possible, it’s better to ask than guess. You might lose the element of surprise but at least you’ll know that whatever you choose will fit them perfectly. Few things are as uncomfortable as ill-fitting lingerie, so believe us when we say that size is the most important aspect to get right.




We can’t think of a better time to whip out some unapologetically provocative pieces than around Valentine’s Day. Thankfully, we pride ourselves on designing styles that have seduction at their very core, and our lace collections are a surefire destination for shopping lingerie that sets pulses racing. Whether you’re thinking of a gift for your partner or perhaps yourself, the sexy pieces we have on offer are guaranteed to satisfy all lingerie desires with daring lace options and showstopping strappy creations.




We offer gift wrapping too, in our beautiful logo boxes, and tied up with ribbon.


E-Gift Cards


If you want to buy her some Boa goodies but aren't sure on the size or style, we have e-gift cards, which mean she can pick out exactly what she would like.