How to buy lingerie like a pro (even when do you don’t know their bra size)

Surprising your girlfriend or wife with lingerie can be a thoughtful and intimate gesture. However, navigating the world of women's lingerie can be overwhelming.  But we’re here to make sure that you get her something that she’ll love. 

Lingerie is a great gift, if you remember that IT’S A GIFT FOR HER AS WELL, NOT JUST YOU!

Buying something super sexy because you like it won’t always mean she will too.  She will want to feel comfy and sexy and confident, so you need to get the style and fit right.  Knowing her personal style will help you a lot. 

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Understanding Her Style and Preferences

Understanding her lingerie style is really important.  If you’ve known her for a while, you may have an understanding of what colours and styles she likes and wears, but if not, here are some good tips.  

  • Decide if this is "lingerie for special occasions," "everyday lingerie," "or lingerie for romance" and that should help give a guide on style and colours.
  • Think about materials that you’ve seen her wearing before. Is she into lace, or silk?  Trying something new could be nice, but remembering her preferences will make it easier to get it right.
  • Think about the colours you know she likes to wear. Most women will agree that a black lingerie set is a fail-safe if in doubt.
  • Knickers – there are so many different styles here, and again, think about her comfort before what you would like. If you don’t see her wearing thongs, get her a pretty and sexy pair of briefs, or a cheeky pair of Brazilian briefs. 
  • Suspenders are super sexy, and ours have leg ring attachments for those who don’t fancy hold-ups.

Getting her sizes right 

It’s important to find the right sizes for her lingerie.  Apart from the support and comfort the right fit will provide, getting something that is too big or small can cause hurt feelings, and won’t help her feel confident.  

The best way is to discreetly have a look at her bras and knickers that she wears and take note of the sizes.  Make sure to look at two or three, as sometimes she might have older bras that are a different size. 

We have a sizing chart to help with knickers if you know her UK clothes size.  

Gift Cards 

If after all of that, you’re still not sure, or would prefer that she chooses herself, we have gift cards.  You’re still letting her know you’re thinking of them and trying to make it special, but giving her the freedom to buy it herself. 


You’ve got the basics down now, so go and treat her to something special, because she deserves it!


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